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Time to Smile Bright with the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Eugene

Your smile is beautiful; it is time that you show it off to the world. 

Are you scared that your crooked teeth hide the inner beauty that you’ve been concealing? Is the dental pain stopping you from realizing your true worth? It is time to cast your worries aside. Because we are here to make your smile alive once again. 

At Smile Alive, our mission is to restore your teeth to their original, beautiful state and then enhance them cosmetically, promoting both your health and your stunning appearance. We’ve handpicked the finest cosmetic dentist in Eugene, Oregon, ensuring you’re in capable hands. 

It begins when you come to your website and select our services. Once you’ve picked one, you can pick the time and contact us. At that point, a leading cosmetic dentist in Eugene, OR, will talk to you. 

Cosmetic Dentist in Eugene<br />

Be carefree when you talk to them. Tell them about the problems you’ve been facing, and ask them how you want these issues to be fixed. Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening services to bring back the pearly whites or are you searching for dental veneers to add consistency to looks, we can help. There is no service that our cosmetic dentist in Eugene, Oregon, can’t provide. 

Backing these services is over a decade of experience. Over time, we have learned, adapted, and transformed ourselves to only provide you with the best services you need. Adopting the latest technologies, we work to ensure that your new look doesn’t let you step forward into the future without worrying about past miseries. 

Our Services

Our dentist in Eugene, Oregon, focuses on the health and beauty of your teeth, ensuring that you get the best of both worlds.


Teeth Whitening

Bring back the beauty with our teeth whitening services. Let our professionals bleach the stains and discoloration away, restoring your teeth to their original beauty. 

Dental Veneers

Deal with issues like chips, cracks, and gaps with dental veneers. Custom-designed and made from comfortable materials, our dental veneers will give your teeth the perfect look. 

Dental Bonding

With our dental bonding services, you can get long-term help dealing with tooth decay. Our high-quality resins will add more strength to your teeth while enhancing their aesthetics. 


Forget about the painful braces that made your teeth look worse. With Invisalign and clear aligners, you can straighten your teeth without traditional braces. 

Dental Crowns

Has time taken its toll, causing your teeth to wear down? It is time to apply a dental crown. With our hardened and comfortable dental crown materials, your smile will become alive once again. 

Tooth Contouring

Put your teeth back to their healthy state with our tooth contouring services. Our cosmetic dentists in Eugene, Oregon, are well experienced (and well equipped) at delivering top-tier surgical solutions. 

Gum Contouring

Do you have a gummy smile, a smile where your pink gums are highlighted more than your teeth? Let our gum contouring services help you out. We push the gums in so that you can show off your teeth more. 

Dental Implants

Make your teeth stronger with our high-quality dental implants. Custom-designed with high-quality materials, they will look similar to your natural teeth, making your smile more natural. 

Smile Makeovers

Do you want to give your smile a makeover? Get in touch with Smile Alive. As the best cosmetic dentist in Eugene, OR, we know our way around many dentistry procedures to give you the desired aesthetic results. 

Inlays and Onlays

Do you want a composite resin filling that restores your teeth’s natural appeal? Or are you in the market for something more robust, like gold, to add more regality to your smile? Whatever your requirements are, we can provide them. 

Why Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose Smile Alive, but here are a few key reasons Eugene, Oregon, residents love our services: 

We Focus on Precision

Dentistry is an art, which is why our work is highly precise. Everything will be attuned according to your teeth arrangement, ensuring that your new, evolved smile enhances your appeal. 

We Focus on Professionalism

Don’t worry about us leaving you hanging when you require our services. We make sure that once we start offering you services, we complete them. 

We Focus on Overall Health 

Our method enhances not only the beauty of your smile but also the health of your body. This focus on your overall health guides us in providing better solutions.

We Focus on Solving Issues Fast

By leveraging the best and latest dentistry technologies, our cosmetic dentists in Eugene, Oregon, work fast so that you can go home quickly after the procedure is complete.

We Focus on Transparency 

Don’t worry about any extra charges. We will inform you of the costs upfront. We are not only the most affordable but also the most transparent, so expect no surprise costs from us. 

Reach Out to us, Make Your Smile Alive

Contact Smile Alive if you want help from the best Dentist in Eugene, Oregon.