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Terri Baarstad, DMD, FAGD

Dr. Baarstad is a passionate caregiver who has a vision – to change the world, one smile at a time.

Dr. Baarstad began her professional career as a dental assistant in 1987. 10 years later she enrolled in Oregon Health Sciences University Dental School, graduating as a DMD in 2001. During her career she has seen how quality dental care can change the lives of her patients. She also recognizes that too many people avoid the dentist because they believe dentistry is uncomfortable, time-consuming and /or unaffordable. Dr. Baarstad is passionate about correcting these misconceptions. Modern dental technology has transformed the way dental care is delivered, and today patients experience a comfortable, time efficient appointment. Preventive oral care results in reducing oral disease and is extremely cost efficient. If you need restorative care, Dr. Baarstad uses modern dental materials to restore your teeth to their natural beauty. If your goal is simply to improve the look of your teeth, cosmetic materials can transform your smile. And, that’s how Dr. Baarstad and the SmileAlive team can change the world, one smile at a time.



Dr. Baarstad is committed to providing an excellent dental experience for each of her patients. This commitment to the highest quality care means that she is continually improving her clinical skills, updating the equipment and facility, and training staff. In addition to ongoing continuing education, she has taken advanced training in placing dental implants. She has witnessed how patients have achieved dramatically improved dental health and self-image because of the advancements in dental implant technology. Recently, Dr. Baarstad completed the rigorous requirements to become a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD), awarded to fewer than 5% of all practicing dentists in America. As the leader of the SmileAlive team, Dr. Baarstad believes that a commitment to excellence begins with the doctor.


Did you know that only half of Americans see a dentist regularly? This statistic includes many people who have dental insurance. What are the obstacles that discourage so many Americans from seeking dental care. For some, it is fear and anxiety based on a past traumatic experience. Some are embarrassed about the current condition of their mouth, resulting from years of neglect. For others, it is a lack of knowledge about the value of preventive care and the possibilities of restoring their mouth to a healthy condition. Patients often express the belief “it doesn’t hurt so that must mean that I don’t need treatment”. Financial concern is another obstacle that discourages someone from making an appointment.

At SmileAlive, our stated goal is “Dental care that fits YOUR LIFE.” We know that each patient’s needs and desires are different, and we will not dismiss whatever issue is your concern. Dr. Baarstad is committed to seeing each person as a whole. The SmileAlive team will begin by gathering information so that we can design a plan that works for you. This may include an immediate plan as well as a long range map with realistic and obtainable goals. Our trained staff will take the time to address any fear or question because educating you about your dental health is our passion. And, our financial team has a variety of plans to meet your individual need. Don’t let an obstacle prevent you from getting the oral health you want and deserve.


Everyone is busy. That’s why we value your time and are committed to seeing you in a timely manner. SmileAlive has two locations: the Eugene office near Valley River Center, and our Springfield office in the Mohawk district. You can establish at one location or choose the office that best fits your schedule at the time of your appointment. Our doctors and hygienists are trained to provide most of the dental procedures that you and your family may need. Not only can we do your checkup, cleaning, fillings and crowns, but we also extract teeth, place dental implants and restore implants to replace one or more missing teeth.   We offer CEREC technology at both locations so that your crown can be completed in one day, eliminating temporaries and a return visit. If you are interested in cosmetic procedures, we offer teeth bleaching, veneers and minor orthodontics. Our goal is to provide as many services as possible in one place, minimizing the need to refer you and your family to different specialists.


Technology has changed the way health care is delivered today, creating both positive and negative outcomes. The advantages of technology at SmileAlive are: appointment text and email reminders, the ability to share your clinical information between our two offices, and the efficient processing of insurance claims and billing statements. Because of advances in equipment technology, we can create CEREC crowns in the office in one visit. We use a small vibration device (DENTAL VIBE) that blocks brain nerves and allows us to deliver painless injections. Digital radiographs deliver immediate images without chemicals and use a fraction of the radiation that the old film Xrays required. Intraoral cameras enable you to see inside your mouth so you can see what we see. We will continue to invest in technology that benefits our patients, but technology will never replace human contact. When you call our office, we will answer the phone with a smile because we appreciate that you have chosen our team to provide care to you and your family.


SmileAlive is a family. Dr. Baarstad invests in her employees because she believes that a staff of happy, healthy employees is an immeasurable asset. Continuing education is provided for all staff so that each employee is fully trained for their position. We have fun. We care about each other. We lift each other up and encourage each other to be the best we can be. Because of this attitude, we have very low staff turn-over and many long term employees. Dr. Baaarstad knows that having a great team of professionals benefits everyone – our doctors, our staff and our patients is one of the many reasons why SmileAlive has been selected several times by the Eugene/Springfield community as a People’s Choice Favorite Dental Office, including #1 in 2017.

Professional Dentists - SmileAlive Dentistry

Jessica Jackson, DMD

“Dr. Jackson”

Dr. Jackson graduated from OHSU in 2000 and has been practicing in the Eugene area since that time. She joined the SmileAlive team in 2022.

Dr. Jackson treats patients in our Springfield office Tuesday-Friday.  We’re happy to have her on our SmileAlive team. Patients enjoy her warm, caring personality and her excellent dental care. She has a gentle touch and will make even the most apprehensive dental patient feel at ease.  A native Oregonian, Dr. Jackson has three children and enjoys dance, gardening  and reading.



Professional Dentists - SmileAlive Dentistry

Susan Anderson

Business Manager

Susan has two adult sons and one daughter-in-law. Her oldest son is an endodontist (a root canal specialist) in California and her younger son is a commercial real estate agent in Eugene. Susan has worked in dentistry for over 40 years and has been with the SmileAlive team since 2002.

She enjoys her relationships with the team, knowing together they are improving patients’ health and self image. She likes being part of a business that is making a positive contribution not only to their patients but to the community. When she is not at work, you can find her at the golf course or on the ballroom dance floor. She is part of a performance dance group here in Eugene and attends many local dances where she twirls and glides effortlessly on the dance floor. Susan is an excellent cook and enjoys hosting her family and friends and treating them to her culinary skills. Susan is very proud to be associated with a team of professionals who listen to patients and strive to provide the best care for each person.

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Kris Bofto

Dental Hygienist

Kris and her husband, Brad, both grew up in Wenatchee, Washington but have lived in Eugene since 1992. They have 2 sons, 1 daughter, two daughters-in law and 2 amazing grandchildren. Kris has been in dentistry since 1976 and has been a hygienist since 1981.

She and Dr. Baarstad have known each other since 1994, as they worked together in another dental office before Dr. Baarstad went to dental school. Kris joined the Smile Alive team in 2006 and a favorite part of her job is not only helping her patients achieve and maintain good oral health with a gentle, compassionate touch but also getting to know her patients on a personal level. She looks forward to seeing them on a regular basis. Outside of the dental office she enjoys quilting, scrapbooking, cooking, reading and travel, but most of all she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. Kris feels very blessed to work with an amazing group of professionals who sincerely care about each other and their patients.

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Teri Douglas

Dental Hygienist

Teri has been with SmileAlive since 2013 and sees patients at both our Eugene and Springfield locations. She started in the dental field in 1996 working many years at the front office doing just about everything before deciding to attend Lane Community College and get her Dental Hygiene degree.

She loves building relationships with her patients and connecting with them on a personal level. Teri and her husband grew up in the Eugene/Springfield area and their family includes their daughter and their son and daughter-in-law.  Teri has a grandson and granddaughter and  loves spending time with them on her days off. Teri is quite creative and enjoys scrapbooking and sign making. Teri’s patients enjoy her fun, caring manner and her thoroughness in caring for their dental health needs.

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Tasha Lane

Dental Hygienist

Tasha and her husband Dave have lived here the Eugene area for 50 years. Tasha graduated from Lane Community College in 1989 and has loved her career ever since. Her Motto in life is… “Do a job you LOVE and you will never work a day in your life.”

Tasha has a 20 year old autistic daughter and a house full of furry pets. Tasha enjoys traveling and spending time working in her garden.

Tasha is a member of Lane Society of Periodontal Study and Emerald Hygiene Study club. She believes continuing education is paramount to providing exceptional patient care. Tasha is gentle and caring to all ages and strives to make everyone feel at ease at their hygiene appointments.

Tasha’s philosophy on her role is your care is one of support. She is your own personal cheerleader on your journey to a beautiful healthy smile. Tasha looks forward to building long term relationships with her patients.

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Cari Tafolla

Treatment Coordinator- Eugene Office

Cari began her dental career in 2003, starting as a dental assistant and joined the SmileAlive team in 2014. Cari and her husband have 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren. Cari’s children have all recently moved away for some exciting adventures. Her oldest son has moved to Arizona to being his apprenticeship program. Her middle son has joined the Marines and is serving our country and her daughter is away at college.

Cari loves being able to interact with her patients and being able to play a critical role in creating the steps to move patients towards better dental health. She is a master at working with Insurance companies to help patients maximize their benefits. Outside of work hours Cari loves to travel, read and walk her dog.

Professional Dentists - SmileAlive Dentistry

Teri Schendel

Treatment Coordinator- Springfield Office

Teri and her husband, Byron, have 3 adult children, 3 grandsons and two granddaughters.

Teri has been a part of the SmileAlive team since 2012 but she has been in the dental field since 2002, all of it at our Springfield location. She worked for the dentist who previously practiced at our Springfield office and she is a huge asset to the practice and has many long standing relationships with the patients. She really enjoys helping our patients and works hard dealing with their insurance making sure they get the most out of their benefits. Outside of the office, Teri loves spending time with her grandchildren, camping, kayaking and being at the Oregon Coast.

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Brandie Smith

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Brandie has been at SmileAlive since 2015 and has been in the dental field since 2005. One of her favorite parts being a dental assistant  is being able to see the transformations in her patients after they complete their dental work.

She believes that for patients who may be apprehensive about dental treatment that the hardest part may be walking through the door and that the anticipation  is almost always worse than the actual treatment. Brandie strives to make each patient feel comfortable and cared for by listening to their needs and concerns.  She feels very fortunate to work with a team of professionals that feel like family.  Brandie has a large extended family and they enjoy getting together often for dinners, camping and Bar B Ques. In 2022, Brandie added the title of Grandma (Meemaw) to her resume with the birth of her first grandson. She grew up in the Eugene/Springfield area and loves raising her family and working here.

Professional Dentists - SmileAlive Dentistry

Jessica Driver

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Jessica joined the SmileAlive team in 2023 at our Springfield office after graduating from Lane Community College.

She and her significant other have two boys.  She also has 2 dogs, 2 cats, a lizard, a pig and a chicken, basically a farm full of animals!  In her spare time she likes to read, go hiking, work on cars and remodel her house.  She also likes to visit museums.  Jessica’s kind, gentle, calm personality makes her not only a great dental assistant but a wonderful co worker.